Lawyers in the UAE and Middle East face challenges that range from the relentless increase in revenue targets at traditional law firms to operating as an unregulated and uninsured legal consultant outside of SRA and UAE rules.

Clients are becoming ever more demanding on legal fees and now recognise that greater value is available outside of the big-law-firm-model, without any loss of quality of service. These dynamics have encouraged many experienced and successful lawyers across the region to seek out a platform to service their clients that is profitable but absent the politics and targets imposed by many traditional law firms. An opportunity to genuinely take control of their practice and manage their clients independently.

Keystone Law Middle East LLP launched operations in the Middle East in 2020 bringing complete independence to individual lawyers while providing the credibility of a Top 100 UK law firm.

Lawyers manage their client relationship, including how and what to charge. They keep between 55% to 70% of fees collected (dependent on origination of the client). Keystone Law will provide a support structure that ensures lawyers are properly licensed/registered in ADGM, are provided appropriate work visas, a contribution of AED 3,500 towards a medical insurance policy, are supported by proper AML and risk management functions, billing and financial control and professional indemnity insurance.